We are a Brutal Death Metal band hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada USA.
Creating a sonic force with elements from Old School Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, Grindcore, Slamming Brutal Death Metal, Black Metal, Groove and a hint of Jazz.

Alex "Blastdru" Üdar
( Drums / Percussion )

Born in the US and raised in Romania. Started playing percussion in 2009.

Past Bands include: 
Sinful Serpent (Founding Member)
Abominable Putridity (AP)


Bruno Macias
( Guitar / Bass )

Born in San Bernardino and raised in Las Vegas. started playing strings around 2004.

Past Bands include: 
Cerebral Incubation
Guttural Secrete

Abominable Putridity (AP)

Nick Papageorgio
( Vocal Filth )

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Las Vegas. Started testing his vocal limits around 2005.

Past Bands include: 
CasketBorn (Founding Member)
Excretory Engorgement (Founding Member)

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